Stay In Charge Of Your Legacy Through Estate Planning

There is a saying that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. Estate planning allows many ordinary people to have some significant influence in both areas. A well-crafted will, powers of attorney and appropriate trusts can keep your assets in the family (or donated efficiently to favorite charities) at the conclusion of your life’s journey, minimize taxes and reduce the stress on your loved ones and ensure your wishes are carried out.

It is rather popular – and common – to put off estate planning. Most people consider death to be a “someday, far off” thing that they can postpone dealing with until another day. Unfortunately, as we know, fate often delivers the unexpected to our doors. You can get past your fears, superstitions, or inertia and take back your rights and ability to plan how your assets will be handled when the time comes. I am attorney Deborah E. Fortune, and at my firm, I aim to provide peace of mind to my clients through effective legal tools.

What Is Estate Planning All About?

At its best, estate planning includes provisions for all contingencies and inevitabilities, including:

  • Health care decisions spelled out in advance through advance directives
  • Flexibility in financial matters through durable powers of attorney
  • Giving legal authority to your family in the event of your incapacity
  • Legal direction for carrying out your wishes about asset distribution after your death through a simple, complex or pour-over will
  • Smooth transferring of assets through one or more trusts that may minimize taxation and maximize access to assets at the right times by the appointed trustees
  • Real estate matters, including sales, transfers, and any other related work involving real estate

Addressing all these issues in a comprehensive way can put your mind at ease. I can help you accomplish your estate goals through my long-standing estate law practice at Deborah E. Fortune in Oklahoma City.

I Am Ready To Help You Create Your Estate Plan

If you have no estate planning documents yet, never fear: the state of Oklahoma has a plan for dealing with your assets after your death. However, the state’s version may not match your wishes, and it will almost inevitably result in complications and expenses for your heirs. I can help tailor a plan to your specific goals and helping to reduce the stress on your heirs and the potential for disputes or unintended consequences.

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